take me to yer leader

by Crunchy Person

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sexy sister ep to Gob.


released April 8, 2013

almost all things by Shoppingspree except the last track again, featuring the sex god Domokos producing beatz. Sanded down and shined up by the last real gentleman in the galaxy if there ever was one, Javier Suarez. Album art by Shoppingspree.



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Crunchy Person New Orleans, Louisiana

Rizen from the ashes of the rice creature sweating so much

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Track Name: spacejam
howdy homie I know that you know me from inside, I know that dear in the headlights, that dead bitch in the trailer that basket off barbie bike carnivores in the nature i am always in this place pass my days away into space always i will never ever mean anything i say but i still say it like this with bits of glass between my lips, the real shit that bastard plastered braces cross my fangs just saying, let it go I never ever mean any of the things i say i always pass the days easily in space i always pass the days easily.
Track Name: wite bikes
so that stinks you're walking looking up at the stars, step into an open sewer the funny thing or more rotten food for thought, what you got to give nobody wants so feel free to pick a bone with me until the skeleton's completely clean and if you do it right iw might look like a white bike or a page of bed side notes from my year in a coma i wrote, the paper plates that you use at yer reception they will long outlast your union in a landfill cross the ocean and sometimes that shit happens your aeroplane just crashes each fort you made collapses your awkward habit relapses awkward... so dont be down about it homegirl you'd be surprised we are so happy in our misanthropy youd be surprised we are so tired with all of our instant coffee i know sometimes we are so sad with all of this shit we have you'd be surprised we are so fat with everything that makes yer mouth taste bad but i bet you dont care if your thrown into the air riding through a traffic light a skeleton, a white bike, I like to pick my own nose also some birthday cake and polio, when everyone is having so much fun with their heart shaped melanomas, mellow mesothelioma and all that shit still passes each bond just dis attaches soul mates separate so quickly paper plates disintegrate eventually I heard it's better learn it all the hard way I know sometimes we are all brutal when it's profitable to be cruel youd be surprised the excess raw kindness for no real reason at all youd be surprised we are so calm you'd think we didnt have an apocalypse to avoid we didnt realize we were so small till you had yer photo taken next to the void, oh boy oh boy
Track Name: lites over the countryside
black window in white gold snow white gold liver i have seen the light over the countryside someone else in my house they are inside now go to the hide out place beneath the stair case, there's no one out there i cant remember when they come again I'll go with them I'll go where they are I'll pul my car on to the side of the road things grandma saw in the yard years ago take the car straight through the dark through the stark and beautiful barbed wire fence twist and grimace against the frame arrange yourself in a comfortable shape and give yourself up to the expanding space that whole town thought i was full of shit I left a note in my breast pocket I wrote take me to your leader use me for your research use me as your human keep me in your fluid and when thats done put my body display you can come and take scrapes out of my brain in that water I'll last forever or if you want take my memories all out drop me off in the woods by my house when'd you disappear? I dont remember.
Track Name: spider bite
last time i saw you uer tummy filled with blood if I became a monster tonite would I be the type to gore something I love and awake to a sorrow so strange it could never be explained back home getting high off sipping sea foam i never knew i was so small before i tried to live inside the basement walls you are the sweetest spider u, i have ever divided in 2 hold my prickly head pull yer legs off one by one to frame my stained glass window let go all hope for a different past folks i've known have decomposed entirely i'm aware my heads been leaking opaque excrement my attempt leaving more than footprints in the cement the achievements in concrete bourgeois monuments representing the plots in the graveyard where me n my green gang of regrets could rest.
Track Name: shiny bodies/trumpets in snow w/ Domokos
everyone looks so long and black with notches in their back flame retardants in their fats attached I 've been following my family bound to the community surrounding me we're swimming into the shallow end of a bay where there a dry heavy afterlife awaits so we have go back from where we came oh did u ever feel heavier? i never thought i would be this dry did you think you'd be one of these black shiny bodies lining this beach tonight? this has got to be the way. me-i should be sneaking into sheep paddocks with seashells in my easter basket the sheep asleep on the ground could listen something else now all i hear is waves is all i hear these days waves and whales in pain.