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released April 7, 2013

most everything done by Shoppingspree except the last 2 songs produced by Domokos and the monologue at the end of beast of burden courtesy of Daniella. Mastered by the grand master himself Javier Suarez. Album art by Shoppingspree



all rights reserved


Crunchy Person New Orleans, Louisiana

Rizen from the ashes of the rice creature sweating so much

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Track Name: the end iz near
next time that i see you downtown ima tell u bout how, when they come,-and they will- they'll be rollin fatty blunts with the buds that they find in yer last dub sack and sippin stale day old blood stored in 40s in the fridge that they tapped from a bald white fag, it taste like ketchup from a keg cup
last time that you came into my mind I had tried to leave a message on yer cell phone, you were right it was bad to be alone when I took all of that mutagen, ya better get sum medicine, for sin is in for the season all my citizens- I would love to be the fresh air bubble in yer vain I'll explain, make my way into yer valve, fuck the pace you operate until we speak sleepily, now we can rest peacefully just knowng that the end iz near, that's what I hear.
Track Name: beast of burden
welcome 2 yer egg come into the lighting the weight that you've gained in yer eyes is arousing me I was the one sewn into the mattress scraping his tongue for a taste of his mucous love was not enough it always was the reaction to the shit on yer face desire was the burden the shade that they make will turn into shadow i mean what i say when i say i am not a good man so please understand I'm only a simple design collection of lines sometimes tied to a stake as age adds a weight you cant see straigh thru yer sexy thong of thorns when you were a baby born conceived while watching a porn- oh- im the worst of the worst at catching a curse from cursed water - Zoe wrote -i have been weak but strung like an oak watching folks apparate and disapparate like smoke people appear and then disappear but if you need me honey i will be here teething on wheat counting the crickets failing to see outside of my sickness.
Track Name: song ina ditch
i hope i dont go to heaven i think when i die earth is just fine at least its where I've always been so if you want you can snip off my head inside you might find I'll haunt you till yer dead then we can be close ghost friends oh no no no I'll die singing on the side of the road you could come and pick the meat off my bones life was weird with all that sand in my shoes while danielles on her carribean cruise yer mark on my life looks like a fat drunken bruise i dont wanna lose but then again if a thing can begin it can end- try to remember a time before you were alive i think thats what it's like to be dead oh please please oh please leave me a magazine in purgatory eternity's only as long as you wait for it to be I think these hills control what way that rain goes until the rivers make the shapes of the hills we'll kill you the same way as champagne and pain pillz just 4 thrillz but yer alive is the reason yer not dead and the reach of yer heart's just no longer then yer arms so you better be close to your friends while theyre alive and you're still alive our lives co-inside for such a short slice of time when i did all that crime i left like no evidence they found a fossilized copy of my drivers license i had forgot that my fingerprints were set in cement I was making a fossil of all this small funny shit because I knew in the future we'd just probably forget i havnet yet.
Track Name: crunchy butt medicine w/ J Dream Greene
(Shoppingspree) that one with the black lung in the bathroom handsome rat has been or a won't do never was really much of a man or a monster i'd ring out yer heart in my bare hands if I had to (J Dream Greene) limp on get yer talon in a rock get yer claws on lock dont stop stiff n stuck lift up (Shoppingspree) lift up, bloody buddy sad and fucky home crumby crunchy money hole shit I should sing about the small sob sessions after all of our orgasms with these diseases been impending all this hope is just imagined i am the only washingtonian alive out on the ocean in my nest of white gold bones and you can see the ghost of these geese fly low oh my old lover the ear wig always knew which house I lived in always stalks the spots I'm sleepin always thought the thoughts I'm thinkin of cash and grass and gas and ass and pitch black cash in a stash we stay fat you just a snack for the empire of vampire bats and jet black cats spinning street fags into high fashion bratz we make a pact we like to stay fishwacked and stay fat but what about bat tits do those produce nutritous liquids? quit your askin! aw figit sticks dear gods is I an idiots? pity pits filled to the brim light the match and drop it in do a dance featuring a silly grin (Shoppingspree) so the last friend I abandoned left old candy in my hand how he had randomly implanted me regret me nots, you filthy seed. half moon through the kitchen round the mid day saturn in the background of the fast lane patterns and addictions from the deep space spaceman in his basement stays wasted and tasteless as the corn syrup this christmas but is his situation dismiss of a distress obvious to cats and dogs and rest of these codfish but just as rediculous I dictate all my hopes into a wish list so roll that up to smoke with the rest of the soft moldy dope and take a taste of whats toxic together it's probably better, a little acid rain literally in every weather, secret secretion stains on each eight hundy dollar sweater it cleans the spleen and leans the liver leaves you keen and cleave lasts fucking forever
Track Name: old candy/skullz in the river w/ Domokos
so whats the grossest thing you've ever seen? I seen a dry dead bird with a belly fulla bumble bees, I seen a litter of new born drowned puppies but what i mean is i dont really know what it is that fills a goose pimple. me n my friend saw a girl with a hydrocephilitic head, we thought she was but she wasnt dead her chest fell and swelled like a function of the sea or the rolling of the hills I felt when i was still a seed and her mother looked at me to put some money in her coffee can I saw a man on the road with polio his smile shaped his mouth like my last light house oh how each time I shame myself i taste a milkweed in my mouth and old candy old TV and a lung disease, oh me, I've taken advantage of someone who had trust in me I've lied to my family and I dont really know what it is I don't really know where it goes, if you want i will tell you that there is no hope and what you love, that shit you trust is just gold dust in the lining of your pants pockets but it's better, looks prettier in the wind then on the hands, I never hold let it go
Track Name: polychrome parkz/spider on yer spoon w/ Domokos
I'm going to sleep please try n keep the flies off of my open wounds there's a leech upon yer dick there's a spider on yer spoon we don't differentiate the days I waste trapped wrapped in the cobwebs of my room stop i forgot you are so totally a hole in the wall. i wont forget littlefoot how he bit his lip when the great valley was just packed with pricks and sarah was still a bitch I've been dreaming of concrete and watching frosting fluctuate across the glass while I breath we should try and find a place that's discreet, I've seen some power lines we could sleep beneath, I feel better if we slept on the pavement always a sharptooth beneath every bed that I've laid in